Hierarchical Clustering of Facebook Friends

Studying Artificial Intelligence has exposed me to the many sub-fields of research in the area. Machine Learning, which is the study of algorithms that allow computers to learn and evolve based on the data they process is particularly interesting. Unsatisfied with my shallow theoretical understanding, I recently ordered O’Reillys Programming Collective Intelligence book, which provides hands on experience with practical examples and code.

I have a few projects in mind that need to perform various forms of clustering, so I decided to try a quick project to get my hands dirty. First, I needed a source of data that I could cluster in a sane way. It struck me that it would be interesting to cluster Facebook friends based on the similarity of status updates. We just need to fetch some status updates for all (or some) of our friends, and build up from there.

The first step is to use the Facebook Graph API to fetch our friends. We need to get the base URL, and our OAuth access token. To get both, I just go to the API reference page, and copy the access token from the URLs of the examples. Lets, first get our friends:

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